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Join us for our next meeting, Art from the Heart

The Seattle and Memphis CPSA Chapters will have a joint meeting over Zoom and sharing our art. Click here to submit one completed piece of artwork to share.

Choose something you especially love or is meaningful to you in some way. It can be old, new or something in between. The piece can be 100% colored pencil or include other media within the rules for ExploreThis!

We will create a PowerPoint with all the images listed by artist in alphabetical order, and invite you to talk about your art. (Deadline for submission is January 5, 2021.)

Here’s your link:
January 9, 2021 •  11 a.m. on Zoom


Share Your Art at the Mid-Meeting Show & Tell Mixer
March 13, 11 a.m. on Zoom

Here’s your link:

Meeting ID: 988 7729 8470 | Passcode: 861388

What piece/s of art have you recently completed or are working on? Do you need some help with a problem area, or suggestions for a title? Try to take either a picture or a scan of your work, and get the file onto your computer. Before the meeting, open up that image in a window on your computer’s desktop. During the meeting, you will then be able to use the “Share Screen” function to select the window with your artwork and fill up everyone’s screen. This works better than holding up the piece to the computer camera. Even if your work doesn’t include colored pencil, we want to see it.

Join us whether or not you have something to share; it’s a fun get together. Chapter members will receive a meeting reminder via email.

One day left to renew your membership

CPSA dues are due by October 31 and the grace expires today. Chapter dues are only $20 and you can re-up online in nothing flat. You don’t want to miss another year of colored pencil fun, do  you?  https://www.cpsa207.org/membership/

From The President:
A Colored Pencil Challenge For You

I haven’t done New Year’s resolutions for a long time. They just never seem to last much longer than the end of that first month – and only then if I am really diligent! That being said, I do set a few goals for the new year and I always try to make sure that everything is attainable. For instance, my artistic goal for this year is simply to challenge myself to create more art that makes me feel creatively happy and fulfilled. I have multiple ways I’m going to do that.

In 2020 I started exploring watercolors – both on their own and with colored pencil and Microns – and I will continue that in 2021. In January I also plan to take an 8-week online class by an illustrator I’ve been admiring for a while. In 2020 I began researching the origins of folklore and fairytales from around the world so I could illustrate some of my favorites and will continue that this year, too. This year I plan a series of crones from around the world. At this point I will never run out of things to draw!

All of those creative endeavors (and others) are going to be fun and certainly keep me busy this year. I plan to continue to experiment and create art that not only makes me happy but feeds my creative soul. There will be no pressure to please others and create an almighty masterpiece although, I would be happy if that happens! Along the way, I hope my art makes someone else’s day a little brighter which is always a bonus for me. These are all my challenges. Again, they are all attainable and I plan to enjoy every minute of them!

So, how about your artistic goals for the new year? How can you feed and empower your creative self? Is there a new medium you’ve wanted to explore? Perhaps there is new subject matter you would love to draw with your colored pencils? A class you’d love to take? Dare your artistic heart to try new things. With 2020 behind us, I challenge you to ignite your creative fire anew and brighten the world with your own unique light. You, and the world, will be glad you did!

— Jan Fagan, President, CPSA DC207

Join us on Facebook

The DC207 chapter group is private and it’s just for chapter members. Share your art and works in progress; get tips, chapter info, and member news; and ask questions! Moderated by Jan Fagan and Linda H Clark. Check it out here.

November 14, 2020 Meeting Minutes

by Linda H Clark secretary@cpsa207.org

President Jan Faganpresident@cpsa207.org welcomed and thanked everyone for making the effort to attending today’s Zoom meeting and hoped that we all enjoy sharing this time with each other.

  • New member – William (Bill) Walcott
  • Guests included members of the Board of CPSA DC107, St Augustine FL: Pat Lentine, Heather Stillman, AJ Barr, and Kathi Darby. They mentioned that they were grateful for this opportunity and that they have learned so much from Jan and our chapter already this year. Jan remarked how much technology has allowed all the chapter presidents to zoom together and how it has also helped the CPSA family grow closer together.
  • Reminder that tomorrow (11/15/20) is the deadline to submit to Explore This!
  • Shared with us that CPSA DC110 is participating in an Artist Trading Card activity and said that if any DC207 members would like to participate, to notify Jan asap.
  • Reminded us about our December 12 mid-meeting Zoom show and tell and to get our artwork ready to share.
  • Jan’s final reminder was about our January 9, “Art From Your Heart” joint Zoom meeting with the DC108 chapter in Memphis. Members of both chapters are asked to share one meaningful or special artwork for this fun meeting. More information will be provided at a later date, but we will be asking you to select a piece that was a turning point for you in working with colored pencils — maybe a special portrait of someone, or a piece that holds a special meaning for you. Members will be asked to submit their artwork by a specific timeline, all of which will be put into a slide show to be shared at the meeting. During the slide show, members will be given a moment to talk about their piece.

Treasurer’s Report: Trudy Rolla  treasurer@cpsa.org

  • Membership/Fiscal year began Nov. 1. Membership renewals were due Oct, 31. As of yesterday we have 57 members. A month ago we had 76. So we have approximately 20 people who need to renew.
  • Contact Trudy if you are unsure about your membership status.
  • Payment form is on the chapter website. Local chapter dues is only $20/year.

Newsletter: Rhonda Dicksion  newsletter@cpsa207.org

  • Reminded us to share news, tips, recent artworks (with jpegs and “all the news that is fit for prints”). The deadline to submit for our next newsletter is December 20.
  • Our new newsletter format, in the email blast style, is working out well. Please make sure your spam filters are set so you receive all emails from CPSA.
  • Judy Moritz asked Rhonda how we can save the new format email. There is a link at the bottom (or top)… so you just need to save the link. Jan says she prints hers as a pdf and then can save it in a file on her computer, just as you would with any other newsletter.

Member Gallery – Judy Moritz

  • Our website currently has 51 members artwork in the Member Gallery.
  • Four members have added their artwork into the gallery during 2020 and a number of members have been adding to or switching out/updating the pictures in their gallery.
  • If you haven’t done so in awhile, please take a look at the gallery pages is you haven’t in awhile. Please also check out the new pages and updates.
  • We encourage everyone to update your gallery pages. These pages are used for recruiting for future exhibitions. Each member can share up to 15 artworks in the gallery. The gallery form (for new or update) is available on the district website.

Member News — Jan Fagan

  • Members were asked to raise their hands if they had news to share.
  • Jan shared that she will be doing a new workshop for beginners with Ann Kullberg on December 5.
  • Make sure to send your news, tips, and recent artworks to Rhonda Dicksion.
  • We are discussing doing an online show next year. It is in the works, we will iron out the details and share more info later.

Member Spotlight: Karen Saleen

by Karen Smith

“I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t creating something,” Karen Saleen exclaims when asked when she began her adventure with art. This probably means she either has a very bad memory (highly unlikely) or started before her memories began to form, like age 2 or 3. I’m voting for the latter reason. Colored pencil came later, courtesy of Karen’s sister-in-law. It’s a story, not too long, not too short. Kinda Goldilocks length. More…

Member News and Art

Do you have artwork or news or a tip you want to share?  Send it in for the newsletter to newsletter@cpsa207.org


Keith Artz, CPX:

“Here is the double portrait I’ve been working on and off for over six months. These are not only old friends, they are OLD friends. I’ve known them since the 1970s. They both turned 80 in July and this was to be an 80th birthday present for them. I missed it big time, but I can finally see the end in sight!

“The painting is 16″ high and 12″ wide, done in colored pencil with a watercolor background.”


Jan Fagan:

Jan will be presenting a Creativity Workshop for the DC104 chapter meeting in March 20, as well as a half-day workshop for DC104 on April 17, on designing and creating character faces from your imagination.

Jan adds, “It took a year and a half but, I’m also celebrating 2020 as the first year that my Etsy shop is in the black! Lots of research, time, hard work and yes, some money, went into making my colored pencil art sell in my shop but, it is finally happening. Yay, me!”


Linda H Clark:

Linda’s artwork “Puzzled” (at right)  won an Honorable Mention (top 15 in a field of 1004 submissions)

10th Open Art Exhibition— Paint & Other Media Category

Light, Space, and Time Online Art Gallery, November 2020 

Below: Inspired by Jan Fagan, Linda also created her daughter’s family as a set of wooden nesting dolls. The full set includes the family, their cats, elf on the shelf, snowman and a bell.) She used Prismas, Inktense, and Stabilo to create the dolls.


Bill Walcott:

I just completed two small paintings of our dog, Amber, a six-year-old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.  The first (left) is in acrylic, and the second is in colored pencil.  I am still working on bringing my colored pencil technique up to the level of my acrylic technique.  Lots more to go on the learning curve.”

The acrylic painting is 5″ x 7″, and the colored pencil painting is 6″ x 8″.


Kristy Kutch, CPSA

Kristy has quite possibly the ultimate colored pencil workshop planned for Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, March 8-20, 2021. Paints, such as oil paints and acrylics are not even allowed on the Galapagos Islands, since the islands are so pristine and carefully protected. However ­­— aha! — pencils and colored pencils are not only permitted but encouraged. (Let’s hear it for our medium!)  More info.


Carol Miller:

(right) “This is my brother teasing  his grandson. We almost lost my brother to a severe heart attack a year before this picture was taken. So I am so grateful to have had the chance to do this piece.He has been my rock especially since the death  of my husband.

I call it ‘Tickles and Giggles with Grandpa.’

“Technically speaking, this was my first attempt at doing a portrait using very light pencil pressure on paper.  Up until then I was pretty much using a heavy saturation of color on Pastelbord.  

“Challenging but a true labor of love!”

How to Join Our Zoom Meetings

Before the meeting

1. For best results, please use the Chrome web browser and a computer with a built-in camera.
2. Prior to the meeting, download and install the FREE Zoom app here: https://zoom.us/download. There are several choices. Pick the first one, “Zoom Client for Meetings.”
3. Relax and wait for the meeting day. Watch your email for your invitation to the meeting. Save this email: it will have the link you’ll need to join the meeting. (If you need additional info, you can watch the How To Join a Meeting video here: https://zoom.us/resources.)

On the morning of our meeting, go to your computer and follow these steps:

1. Prepare the artwork you plan to share by opening it on your desktop so you will be ready to share your screen when it’s your turn.
2. Click on the meeting link in the email invitation. This will launch the Zoom app.
3. Follow the prompts on the page that appears. There are two prompts: one to join with video and one to join with audio.
4. Be sure that the volume on your computer is turned up so you can hear and so people can hear you.
5. In the upper right-hand corner, you can choose to see one of two views: “Speaker Only” or “Gallery,” which allows you to see everyone. In Gallery mode, a greenish yellow frame will appear around the person talking. You’ll also be able to see yourself.

Contact your Chapter Board and Volunteers

Tips Books!

Our chapter has collected valuable tips from our members and published them in two books containing a wealth of colored pencil information for artists of every level.

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A Pencil That Senses Color?

In July Apple applied for a patent for technology that has the potential to give Apple Pencil the ability to sense color in the environment and create electronic color swatches from those colors. The pencil would give digital artists the ability to more accurately render color when creating art on an iPad. Read more here.


A Wonderland of Tiny Artwork for a Pandemic

It started as a way for Chris Penny and his family to bring a little cheer to a local park in Grapevine, Texas, during a pandemic. It’s become a garden of artwork from artists all over the country. Read more here.

Please do not respond to this email: Reply to: newsletter@cpsa207.org

Clients Howl:

“The banners are outstanding. Everyone was talking about how great they are and what a fine job you did. The radio station staff were especially impressed! Thank you so much. They will be a hit wherever the show goes from now on."
— Martha Norwalk, www.marthanorwalk.com

"Rhonda is amazing.  She was very quick to respond to me and came up with a creative home page that was perfect just using the colors of a logo that I gave her. In the past I have had to give a lot of information and ideas about what I wanted to the web design person and had to modify a lot. I liked the very first idea that Rhonda had and from there it was  a very easy and smooth process with her. Once I really got going on submitting copy to her, her turnaround time was remarkable.  I would recommend her to anyone.  I have worked with two different web design companies over the last 12 years, yet I am getting more positive feedback on the current website than ever before. Rhonda ‘s knowledge and talent with web design is excellent."
  — Bonnie Bhatti PhD LICSW, www.drbonniebhatti.com